Measurements show the Revels are a much more linear speaker than the Axioms. This is kind a stupid comparison considering the price difference, and as others here pointed out Harman has more engineering resources and know how than probably anyone in the business. Imagine comparing 0-60 times and skidpad results between my Hyundai Coupe vs a Porsche 9/11. Both are "sports cars" but of much different caliber and price. Imagine trying to apply a Blind test procedure to compare ride quality between those cars? You will wind up with two crashed cars. LOL

One needs NOT do "blind tests" of steaks from Denny's vs a Shula's steak house to appreciate the difference in quality, same with cars….

Blind tests seem more needed for determining differences in two things that taste (or sound) so similar (IE. Coke vs Pepsi, amp A vs amp B, etc).

As long as levels are matched, I think its arrogant presumption to declare preference for one over the other is simply b/c of appearance or brand prestige especially if the listener themselves aren't familiar with the brands in question.

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