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I've got 5yr old Epic 80-500 system, which I love. Its driven by similiar aged Onkyo 805. Apple Lossless music on the PC, routed to the stereo via Apple TV (controled by iPad). My room is a great room, which opens into dining and kitchen and hallway. Total square feet of all open areas totals about 800-900. 15ft vaulted ceiling.
I've just come into a few bucks, and might be interested in this new amp. That's a LOT of dough though, for just power. I've got two young kids, so rarely get to crank the volume. I watch a fair amount of movies, and listen to a fair amount of music (although not 'critically' as much anymore, just due to time).
So, if I go with a ADA1250 or ADA1500 (3 channels), will I REALLY notice a major improvement? Or will the difference be minor, and only when I get the house to myself so I can really crank it up?

For me the difference was big enough that I picked up another amp (used) for the other channels. Not just when I crank it!