"Atmos enabled" speakers are for people like you that don't want to install ceiling speakers for whatever reason. That said, people serious about the audio and stepping into immersive audio (Atmos and DTS:X) wouldn't touch Atmos Enabled speakers with a 10 foot pole. Sending sound up to the ceiling, and bouncing it down to wherever that happens to be (the speakers have a fixed angle on them) just isn't a great experience. I mean, it DOES work (sort of) and is better than a poke in the eye, but if you can find the way for ceiling speakers, do it. I put on-wall Axiom M3s up on my ceiling since I didn't want to cut large holes for the in-ceiling M3s (I still ran the wires in the ceiling).

I think that only 2 manufacturers at CEDIA were even showing Atmos Enabled speakers this past year. They were pretty much the "cheaper" brands that were doing it. By cheaper, I mean Pioneer had a $800 MSRP 7.1.4 speaker setup. That is ELEVEN speakers and a sub for $800. CHEAP.

Again, sometimes you gotta do whatchya gotta do, but just know that you will get, at best, 75% of the effect vs. in (or on) ceiling speakers. If anything is odd about your room (vaulted ceilings, wrong seating position in relationship to Atmos Enabled speaker placement and "the bounce" and so forth) that it will be even less effective.

Farewell - June 4, 2020