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I hear ya, we don't all have Nicks money smile

Ha. If only. smile

If you could get a top tier receiver with full 7.2.4 capabilities fully amplified within the receiver box, with real wattage ratings that aren't inflated, ARC (Anthem Room Correction), toroidal power supply, with ALL current connection/playback technologies that will be used within the foreseeable future, all for less than $2200 shipped to your door, it would be something that you would consider if you were looking at jumping to the "next level" type of sound.

I didn't have the funds for it. I had about $1400 that I had been saving up for (from a couple of years of doing side work for people at AVS and elsewhere doing graphic image editing). I had to sell off some of my "old toys" to fund the rest. Ha.

Unfortunately, I have a feeling that I will have to do the same thing again in a couple of years when I want to get a 4K projector. smile

Of course, I still had to get all of this "pre-approved" from my financial officer (my wife) that I could use the money I made in my spare time for a receiver both before and after I made it. It was easy getting approval before hand, but getting her to "let" me spend that much money took a lot of convincing.

Anyway, enough of this really long response about Socketman's statement. LOL.

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