The 60 is definitely on the top of my list, just need to figure out how to fund one. smile Then I need to figure out where to purchase one, they really don't have many options other than high end audio stores/installers around Iowa that are going to charge MSRP. Online as well, Crutchfield and that is about it. I know they make a good product but the 60 with no on board amps seems a little steep.

I have a 7 channel Outlaw amp, so would have to pick up a few 2 channel amps from someone, or maybe Outlaw's new 5 channel amp. As far as the speakers that is another question. Nice at one point it was Dolby that recommended Bi/di pole speakers for surrounds. I still may see if I can just lower my Qs8's to around ear level. i have 9ft ceilings so placement on my atmos speakers should still allow enough seperation for a great experience. I have a pair of onwall 22's, I wonder if that would work. I could always pick up another pair, or trade for some 3's.

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