Sounds like good information Nick, and what I'm finding in a few days of research. To be honest I need to update my projector first I think. Believe it or not I'm still using my Sanyo Z2, lol Everyone says it still has a great picture at 720P. So I have been researching projectors. Also probably need to figure out what I will do with my Denon 3808ci, still decent AVR but doesn't have latest bells/whistles. Really using it as a Pre though since my Outlaw drives my 7 current speakers. The Marantz 7702mkii preamp from outlaw seems like a decent 11.2 preamp at a killer price, but would have to get more amplifiers for 2-4 additional ceiling speakers. I don't care about HEOS or whatever they call it and the 7703 is about a grand higher in price. Receivers with 11.2 seem very expensive and it would be a waste it seems as I would only be using 4 channels from the receiver for the ceiling speakers. To me the whole ATMOS think kinda sucks for people that have existing theaters finished with 5.x or 7.x. So many years people were told to not go with ceiling speakers and even pushed surrounds like the Q's to envelope you in the experience, now everyone is saying go with direct radiating bookshelves, arggg. To be honest I recently saw Rogue One at Jordan XD theater and I was not impressed with the sound. There was no LFE for the most part, just a bunch of bookshelfs surrounding the walls/ceiling bombarding you with mids/highs. Just seemed like to much with no seperation of the surround affects. What to do... smile

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