Greetings from Vancouver Island. I am a long time Axiom listener (since Feb 1991) who has been lurking here for sometime. So I decided that it was time to submit my first post to the Forums.

My current favourite is Eric Clapton's CD from the fall of 2010 simply named 'Clapton' (Reprise 2-525325). It is the most richly recorded CD in my large collection & represents the way that all music should be recorded IMHO. This one makes 95% of my other CDs sound downright anemic. The more I play it, the better I like it.

Bass extension is impressive so watch the initial volume settings.

While there are several excellent examples of EC's signature blues tracks, many of the 14 songs represent quite a departure from his normal fare. This CD is decidedly jazzy with wonderful recordings of guitars, piano, horns (including a fine tuba), strings & drumkit with nice, subtle brushes. As I'm becoming an old fart now, track #14 'Autumn Leaves' actually invokes an internal emotional reaction inside me - not many songs have ever done that.

I take this one to our local music stores to audition the latest sound systems that are available here in our small town. I must admit that my fine Axiom AX2s paired with a vintage Velodyne F1000 10" sub still sound as good if not better to me than most anything that I've heard out there lately. I think that I'll keep them around a bit longer as with me being the original owner with the required paperwork, my AX2s are still under warranty, ha!!

Tom, Comox BC