Hi Whippersnapper: If you are interested in a complete set of Dvorak Symphonies may I suggest those conducted by Otmar Suitner with the Berlin Staatskapelle on Berlin Classics. This conductor and orchestra are not well known in the West as they were located in East Berlin during the "Cold War." These recordings sound natural and full with wonderful wind playing...a kind of "reedy-woody" tone just perfect for Dvorak. In fact the entire orchestra was made to play these symphonies. I have this set, and others by Kubelik, Szell, Dohnányi, Jansons, Previn, Davis, Chung, Kertesz and more. A small symphony 2CD set containing Nos. 7-9 by Kubelik on DG cannot be beat for the price of $7.99 on Amazon. I promise you, these versions are like no other and their artistic merit is universally praised. When I first heard the Kubelik recordings I was in awe, and I know these works intimately. Of course this my own subjective opinion. So for the same price as John's recommendation you also will have the 9th as a bonus...an unmissable deal which will not disappoint!

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