I have a Vox recording with him conducting 2 Mozart piano concertos...it is outstanding. Heard the Shipway Shostakovich 10th. I would term it Shostakovich "lite." Listening critically (and subjectively), it is a consistent performance, but there were some things in the performance that were disappointing to me. Skrow's 10th is Shostakovich "heavy." I still favor Jarvi. I have Bernstein's Shostakovich 5th, (the digital recording when the NYPO was touring in Japan, c. 1979). Better sound than the older recording (c. 1959). I too agree Bernstein's is hard to beat and is very similar to Mravinsky's, who premiered the 5th. Have you heard Bernstein's Rite of Spring? The older Sony recording was hard for me to find but ebay had it for a good price some years ago. I hear things in that recording not present in others I've heard, including his London recording of the Rite....Cheers, and happy listening.