For those of you too young to remember it, the name of this thread comes from the Terry Cashman song.

Yep, another baseball season kicked off last night with a Red Sox-Yankees game. As a lifelong Red Sox fan, it is strange for me to see them as two-time world champions over the last decade and as one of the power teams of the sport, with enough money to buy pretty much whatever talent they want. They are getting too much like the Yankees in that respect. Used to be, you could count on the Sox to hit 200 homers, steal less than 50 bases, and miss the playoffs, or lose in them when they (rarely)made the postseason. Now they are a frequent preseason pick to win it all. Weird. There's a lot of Sox fans that are not used to dealing with success.

I know there's a lot of Blue Jays fans up north, and I know tomtuttle roots for the hometown Mariners. Snakeyes has a Mets avatar, and who was that with the Phillies avatar? Zarak, I wanna say? To quote Spock, "If memory serves correctly..."

Any other teams you guys follow? Anybody go to games? We have a minor league (single A) team in Augusta that is a cheap night of fun.

Play ball!

Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.