Yes you can mount an M22 above your TV. I did it with my M80 center in my apartment: smile

Consider mounting it upside down to keep the tweeter closer to the level of the tweeters on the mains. I actually liked having it above the TV since that combined with the mains a a slightly lower level created a taller “wall-of-sound” coming from the front. Much more movie-theater-like IMO.

Although 3 matching M22s would be the ideal I’m not kidding when I say that I couldn’t tell the difference between the M22s and the M2s when crossed over with my sub at 80Hz. So you might want to think about your upgrade path if should you move to a larger room and plan to stay with Axioms. IMO the M22 would be best if you eventually plan to re-task them as stand alone speakers in another room. Though the lack deep bass they will work for music that’s not bass heavy. OTOH if you plan to re-task your front three to other positions in your HT then M22s would IMO be overkill either as wide, height or rear speakers. Just something to think about.


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