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I must have gotten my speakers confused. I really meant the M2s that you recommended. Do you think having the verticle center on a 16" TV stand below my ear level will be a bad thing? I know you say you personally like the center above your TV.

No, not a bad thing at all. In fact that is where most people put it and are quite happy. It is simply my personal preference to have it above the screen I most situations however it’s not a deal breaker. For me the differences would be noticeable but not enough to drive me crazy or anything. I fact right now my center is under my screen:


I agree with Dan that the M22 is a fantastic speaker. I often recommend it to people paired with a subwoofer in lieu of M80s. Really it’s pretty much an M80 w/o the bass and maybe even a little better on the mid to high end. The M2 is to the M22 what the M22 is to the M80. If all three of these speakers are crossed over to a subwoofer at 80Hz IMO the M2 and M22 sound identical while the M80 sounds ever so slightly fuller and authoritative. I other words I would say either the M2 or M22 plus sub combo gives you about 95% of what an M80 plus sub combo give at a fraction of the price. If your room were larger I might recommend the M22 over the M2 as it should fill the room with a little more sound. But IMO unless you plan on some 2ch listening you won’t notice the difference in your room.

Here is a review comparing some bookshelf speaker that isn’t linked on the Axiom site.


Now that I’ve heard one the M2 is IMO the unsung hero of the Axiom lineup. Previously I’ve said that the M22 was the best Axiom speaker for the price now it’s easily the M2 as long as you plan to use a subwoofer or not listen to bass heavy 2ch music.


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