Hi Tom. I did not know that Squeezebox was EOL.
My SC-05 is older and does not do network streaming. I can stream from my PS3 using the built in UPnP server in my NAS where all of my music is stored, however this is a clunky interface and not very user friendly.
For me the best music solution is still the Sonos system. Not cheap for sure, but simply works and has a great interface through iPod, PC or whatever you choose to use. Squeezebox may do this too (I have no idea since I've never used it), but I love the way Sonos can seamlessly blend into one rolling playlist my local music and songs from the web such as Songza, Slacker, Pandora etc... Plus party mode through the whole house with multiple zones running in perfect sync is pretty cool and fun.

Medic8r's post just reminded that with the controller on your iPhone, you can wirelessly send the music on your iPhone to the zone you are controlling and distribute to any other zone. Pretty slick stuff.

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