Okay, NOW I remember what part of my problem is/was...

I really like to be able to play music in Zone 2, and to do that while playing a different source in Zone 1, I need the music source to be analog not just digital.

solarrdadd, do you know if the Onyko's suffer from this same limitation? i.e. if the receiver's D/A converter is busy with an HDMI source in the main room, can you still stream music using the receiver's native network capability to a second zone at the same time?

throughout the house on any receiver or all at the same time

Well, that's intriguing. Do you mean that you can synchronize the stream between devices? I'm trying to NOT introduce another receiver for the second zone, but I suppose if I am completely seduced by some application, I could buy more hardware.

I will try to find more information about Oremote. Thank you!

I share your preference for copper. No problems there at the moment.

I'm looking at Apple TV, but it has only HDMI and optical outputs. Does anybody know the price/practicality of converting that TOSLINK to analog using something like this thing from Monoprice? (Assuming that - in zone 2 - I do not believe I will be able to hear the difference between this device and something that is more costly).

Do you have some kind of server software running on the NAS or is it just basically a Samba share? That is, do you have anything else managing the network streaming besides the Onkyos and a dumb storage disk? (yeah, I know only enough about networking to be dangerous).

Thanks, again, everyone.
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