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My goal is to control network music streaming with my iPad.

tom, i currently stream music to all of my receivers/pre-amps. i have all onkyo devices, 2 receivers and 1 pre-amp and all of them are network ready. they are all connected to a cat6 gigabit network run throughout my house. i can operate any of them from either of my iOS devices via wi-fi and control them.

they are all connected to a 2tb NAS that is also connected via cat6 on the network. with modern receivers, it's very easy. i stream FLAC, MP3, WMALL & iTunes music throughout the house on any receiver or all at the same time. I can even connect to the NAS with my oppo 83&93 players and play music.

music resolution is from 44.1khz/16bit to 96khz/24bit and i have no trouble streaming any of it. the iOS app i use most is OREMOTE, but, i also, sometimes use Onkotron. Oremote is by far the best of the two.

most of the big name receivers offer network streaming and apps for iOS & Android devices to control their receivers. almost any DLNA or UpNp NAS (Network Attached Storage & Universal Plug and Play) device will work. i recommend hardwired networking simply because, no matter where you are or who you are, wireless can be interrrupted by the strangest things. the most sure thing is wired, if you can.

if your gonna go wired, use cat6 and a gigabit router & switches to keep gigabit speeds from end to end. best of luck.
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