It's been a while....

I've resisted the urge to make the 4K move in my little 12x18 HT room. I've been very happy with the existing system and had better things to blow money on. I screwed that up and pre ordered a new projector. It's a JVC RS2000, and was just shipped. Now I need to get another receiver, or pre amp, and a 4k BR player. I use a horizontal expansion anamorphic lense for a CIH 2.40 set up. I also use a Lumagen video processor.

I am hopeful that I can ditch the video processor in the chain. The new 4k VPs are horribly expensive, plus they come with their own headaches. The RS2000 will supposedly scale for various 2.40 ratios. Hopefully it does that well and I will not need to use the zoom function.

I am not feeling ambitious enough to install ceiling speakers for Atmos. Can't accommodate them in this room anyway. I use two EP500 subs, a VP 160 center, M80 mains, and QS8's for front height, side surrounds and rear surrounds. All are 4V. I also have ten channels of external amplification, 200 wpc. I've been using a Denon 4311 as a pre amp.

I figured I'd just get another denon AVR, as my last two (4311, 3808) are still working flawlessly, but I've been out of the AV game for several years. I don't know what I don't know...... I want simplicity nowadays. No headaches or constant tweaking. I don't have time for either. I should add that the pre or AVR will serve as the switching hub. Only three inputs, all HDMI.

Any suggestions for consideration?