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Why don't you think it was a double blind test? The manufacturer knew which speakers were being tested, but not which speakers at a given time. The manufacturer wasn't changing the speakers, the user was.

And I wasn't there, by the way, so you can save your inferences on me.

Also, I don't think ANYONE has said explicitly, as you seem to keep stating, that M80s would beat Revels in a double blind test. Only that one would NEED a double blind test to see whether they would or not.

Stop making car analogies. Jeezus christ, everyone stop making car analogies for everything. Macs are not BMWs, Axioms are not Hyundais, a woman isn't a Corvette, and Cheerios are not Lincoln Continentals.

A true double blind test cannot have the listener, observer or the persons comparing the data know what products were tested. Since Axiom actually set the test up, that's a huge source of bias. How can you be sure they didn't position or setup their own speaker at an advantage? How can you be sure they didn't tamper with their competitor speaker? Not saying that they did, but it is a source of bias and concern. Years ago Bose got busted for doing this very thing making people think they were listening to their cubes when instead they had towers running behind a curtain.

It was stated by two Axiom employees in this thread that they were confident the M80s would be at worst case "similarly" good to the cost no object Revels. Seems like a lot of kool aid is being passed around here.

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