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All these new amplifiers are Class-D amplification with massive analog power supplies and they are all north of 90% efficient at full power. This efficiency is an important benefit to our amps. A typical Class-AB design is around 50% efficient which means that ½ of the output from the transformer is wasted off in heat which is quite limiting to your overall output with all channels driven (given a single power cord on a regular 15amp circuit). The maximum you can extract from a typical wall plug is 1800 watts. Given a reasonably efficient and absolutely massive power supply you can end up with somewhere around 1650 watts available to the amplifiers. So at north of 90% efficiency you can easily achieve 1500 watts of total output (hence our 1500 series lab name). But at 50% efficiency you are limited to around 825 watts. That is a massive difference in a multi-channel amplifier. Below is a little chart that shows how the output power works for each of our amplifier series:

Ian, or Andrew, what is the rating of the power supply?

I also find it interesting that the rating for a typical wall outlet was included; this is something that i think often gets over looked.. With the 1500, would the recommendation be to have a dedicated breaker on the outlet that the 1500 would be plugged into? It might be prudent in older houses, where there are more outlets on fewer breakers..

Good luck with the new line of amps!