I've been reading so much lately.

Found a particularly exhausting thread to read


Ian and brent actually are posting responses. I like how they get involved with the discussion, you can tell they are passionate about what they do and you can tell they are bothered by what some of the people are saying in that thread.

I felt one particular post by Ian owned them. lol

What I keep hearing about in that thread, aside from all the technical stuff is that the M80s, to some, are excessively bright.

I read in one good review for the m80s, that the high end seemed slightly shrill, but after being worn in, they fell in love with them...short version.

Your take on the high end of the M80's?

edit: with further reading, I kind of answered my own question

"In closing I would like to touch on this Axiom loudspeakers are all bright comment that a few individuals have mentioned in this post; one of them numerous times. We cannot control or even begin to surmise on every person's individual experience and/or motives when listening to and commenting on our products. We would love it to be 100% positive but it will not be. There will always be some small percentage where it just doesn't work out for any number of reasons. That is why we have a 30 day return policy. Instead we monitor for any sort of repetition of improvement suggestions. We then check them against our lab results and in double blind listening tests against competitor product. Last September we had a 30 year anniversary get-together party here at Axiom. It was really fun by the way. We had factory tours, engineering seminars, and wrapped it up with a live band playing dockside. One thing we did do was have a blind listening test running for the entire day and anyone could sign up for a time to participate. It was between an Axiom and a B&W. We had 26 people participate. I just went through all the comments and found that there were seven comments that contained words like bright, harsh, and sibilant. Six of these comments were a criticism of the B&W and one was of the Axiom. This is consistent with the results we get in other competitor double blind listening tests we do. Axiom products are not overly bright by any comparison we can find and certainly not by the amplitude response measurements. That said they are not purposely laid back either. We go after neutrality and that will mean if it was a harsh recording, it will come out that way"

I have a lot of respect for this company. I'm definitely sold
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