I got my job offer smile I will be for sure receiving a pension buyout and I will probably be receiving it the last week of March. It's going to be SOOOO hard to wait that long. lol

At that time I will be placing an order for the Epic M80 system MINUS the subwoofer. I know I originally was going to go with the EP800, but after much reading and conversing with people from all walks of life on different message boards, I have decided to go with the SVS PB13-Ultra.

I'm hoping to get my hands on a Pioneer Elite SC-68 for cheap, but if that doesn't happen, I'll buy a brand new SC-61 instead.

By the summer, I will be purchasing the Emotiva XPR-5 power amp. This is a purchase for "down the road". I am not in a hurry for this.

In the meantime, I am officially on 2 weeks holidays. I will be traveling to Alberta and meeting up with some generous axiomites for some auditions(i'm really looking forward to listening before buying). I leave tomorrow morning for Edmonton.

I want to extend a great thanks to every single person who contributed to this thread. You have all helped very much. Thanks
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