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Thanks to everyones great replies. Love your setupd Luc

Well, I think I'm going to go with the VP180. I like big and badass. And most of the time, It's going to be for my sweet spot. In the future, I can always experiment with center channels.

So my choices are finalized smile

1 Vp180
1 Ep800
2 Qs8
1 Pioneer Elite Sc-61 receiver

I've learned so much in the past few days thanks to you all.

I still have one question though that has been left unanswered:

1. Audio Jewelry(this term is new to me...i don't get it?). I've done tons of biwiring in previous setups and always thought it was an advantage. With further reading, it seems Axiom believes it makes no difference, but offer the option for customer satisfaction mainly. Should I get the option or no? Die Cast woofer baskets or standard? What's the difference if any?

Thanks again to everyone. I sure hope I get this new job

I think you will be very happy with this setup. I have the VP180 and M80's and they go together perfectly. As you stated earlier the VP180 is a M80 on its side. My previous setup had the typical small center speaker and dialog was often hard to hear but with the VP180 being a full size speaker dialog sounds amazing. I never realized how much I was missing from the center before I got the VP180.

Also as far as Axioms sounding bright. I'm not an audio expert but I assume Bright means a a lot of high frequency sound. I have to admit that when I first set them up I understood what then mean by sounding bright. I could definitely hear the high frequencies a lot more with the Axioms. But the more I listen to them the better they sound and I am able to hear more details in the music than I ever did before. I think the reason they sounded bright at first is because my old speakers just weren't producing the highs like they should have been. (FYI, my old mains were a pair of 23 old Bose 601 speakers)