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If you value your sanity, don't spend too much time at AVS.

I think any of those choices for a center would be great.

The VP180 is gigantic. Seriously.

I was at the 30th anniversary and participated in the blind test. We didn't know what speakers were involved. It was a blast.

Yeah I read that entire thread, that's enough for me. I'm no audiophile, but the jist I got was the people are spending way to much time measuring things, that in my opinion, aren't things people will hear anyway.

I think like with any hobby, people get to carried away in the details.

It's like the guy who loves video games and thinks becoming a professional video game tester would be a good idea. You learn of all the most microscopic details and bugs until you forget what it was all about in the beginning...enjoying video games. Now with all this pre-conceived jargon in your head and an eye for the most microscopic defects and bugs, the fanciest tools, IMHO, you can't enjoy it in the innocent way you used to.

lol isn't the vp180 essentially an m80 turned on it's side, drivers rearranged?

My wife wants either the vp160 or vp180. still a little unsure which one to choose.
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