However IMO, the vertical M80 would be the best center channel VP180 - PRO - simply a horizontal M80, CON - horizontal array

VP160 - PRO & CON - blurs the line a little between horizontal and vertical arrays

I don't agree and don't like the idea of having M80 as center . The goal of the VP speaker line is to have something equivalent to the floor standing line but that let you place your tv at a sane height. The M80 is 40" high, add the dimension of a large TV and that will put you with in a non ergonomic watching position. The VP180 is aiming straight at ear level when I sit down and it's perfect that way and my TV is at eye level

I own M22,M60&M80&VP150&VP180&QS8.
Emotiva XPA5,UPA2. Pio VSX33 & VSX32