What suckers! You guys are a scammers dream. You will bite at anything that emits the slightest whif of the ecclesiastic. 'S'why I love you. You wear your psych "buttons" on the outside.

It's great fun to watch everyone stand on their toes and, with middle finger extended, reach for the highest point they can to make contact with the definitive. It's not scotch-taped to the ceiling!

The MOST fun about all of this is that everyone's opinion is valid and simultaneously meaningless. Validity is temporal. Monotheism was not valid. Look what happened to those couple of Egyptian Pharoahs for trying too "soon." Washington and Jefferson thought it was "valid" to make oodles of dough by owning the help. It was once valid to think of women as possessions. Some Muslims think it's valid to kill your daughter if she disgraces the family. Copernican validities fall. Newtonian validities fall. Entropy of the "valid."

And expectations of shared meaning? Go ahead. I dare you. (Esperanto anyone?) GOD and I will be there, waiting for all of you to get out of rehab.

Shit happens, stuff changes.

Hey, don't get me wrong. Go ahead. Bitch slap each other unto apotheosis. I love to toss a single french fry into a McDonald's parking lot full of seagulls. It's like buying everyone else's drinks and having none yourself. I get to sit back and watch the excitment by hurling just one ball down one maple lane and taking out every pin in the entire alley.

Unfortunately, 19th century Congressional mores no longer exist. We cannot legislate the Mormons out of our state any longer, nor can we tax the Chinese at a higher rate than immigrant white people. Too bad. It used to be such a simple way to settle our differences.

Once again, you are treading on belief systems. Only if you were raised in a thoroughly secular environement and knew of nothing else, might you be entitled to a disinterested opinion on religion.

You cannot be correct. You cannot be incorrect. You can only become irrelevant, THE Original Sin!

More advanced degrees in the study of belief systems have been awarded than the total number of A.A.'s from University of Phoenix. As you may be well aware, none of them has managed to resolve anything to anyone's satisfaction but their own and maybe a few sycophants. And no one here wrote their dissertaion on belief systems, did they?

Wait! There does exist a nation of people unified by totally shared belief systems---North Korea!

So the next time you wanna discuss the religion thing, please hijack a f'Stereo Thread and post:
"American Buddhists believe that each and every solid state amplifier sounds different from all others on earth."

Anyone who does not fall in line with ALL of my belief systems is an evil moron and is going STH, or some other place with no Michelin or Zaggat's ratings.

Bobstradamus' Predictions: Quatrains will cease to be a valid style of composition.

After Mein Pope is safely on the last train to Nuremberg, the new Pope will be from America.

Mark my words. When the next conclave has retired, smog will rise from the Vatican chimney.
And it will smell like Brooklyn...lower Brooklyn.

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I picked up dog chews at the store. Made in Cambodia. I thought, "dog-eat-dog." I put them back.