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I want none of the things you value the most; wealth, power, status, and hot babes.

Well, technically, if you have the first three then the fourth one just seems to happen as a bonus.

OK, to be more serious.

I disagree with you a little Bob. Above, you're looking at gay marriage in the big terms of social mores and morals and civil rights.

While I agree with you that maybe some people want to get married to prove something or to make a statement to society, why trash marriage if two people simply want to make a commitment to each other (and I AM talking about marriage, not a "commitment ceremony")?

Hey, to be frank, I don't disagree with your assessment of marriage as a whole....One Man and One Woman or Gay/Lesbian. But some people DID grow up thinking that when you love someone, you want to make a commitment (legal, religious or social) to that person. And to deny that to those who want it is wrong.

In short, you telling people that they shouldn't want marriage isn't all that different from those who might say someone can't have marriage.

As far as having kids, people of all types should consider doing more to help the ones that are already here.

Kumbaya, Live Free or Die, To Each His/Her Own, As Long As You're Not Hurting Others, etc.

It's all good and it's all cool.

Peace. smile <-- Emoticon specifically to annoy Bob!
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