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Or maybe... just maybe some of the people have bought their speakers and amps and are happily sitting at home enjoying the music as there is no need to upgrade or talk about their experience.


A few weeks ago I read an article(I believe it was S&V)sadly, that according to sales figures in recent years, mid-high end audio in the U.S. was dying a gradual death so this lack of excitement across the board about the subject seems to be happening all over and I am sure that it can't help but be showing up in Axiom sales figures. Since, upon her retirement, Axiom seems to have never replaced Noreen, it looks like they are operating with a more streamlined staff as well.

My upgrading pretty much was completed a couple of years ago so at this stage of the game anyway, there doesn't seem to be much need for me to go any further. Practically speaking, as a Canadian with oil prices in the dumper and the Canadian dollar having slipped, prices for us Canucks have increased dramatically in the last couple of years so when it comes to making any changes and or meaningful upgrades that situation doesn't help either.

Perhaps Ian would like to chime in here to give us all his professional "insiders opinion" on the current state of the industry and Axiom, it would be interesting.


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