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Could also be that the HT industry in general was moving by leaps and bounds years ago compared to today, and many of the people jumped into it at that time and won't be upgrading for a little while.

Yes and no. Atmos and laser projection are leaps and bounds ahead of what most have today. Its just that 'good enough' is pretty damned good these days.

Some things, like 4K don't make much of a difference until you go to quite a large screen, much larger than most people currently have. A quick search shows that most of the world has screens between 40 and 49". The current sweet spot for screen size in the US is 60 to 65".

You need to sit between 5 and 7 feet from your screen to see the difference between 1080p and a higher resolution.

Atmos sounds way cool, but most people, even many of those in the audiopile crowd will have neither the room or the $ to invest to make it work in their environment.

HDR is the only 'new' tech out there that I think will benefit just about everyone.

Those leaps and bound of improvement are at too high a price point and beyond what most people care about.

Maybe someday when we can actually get true 4K streaming... Heck, most stuff is not even 1080 yet.


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