If you can treat the negative effects of your room pre Eq. calibration, I.e. big reflective windows or large reverb spots. any software should make a drastic improvement over the negative feed back you've already prevented.

I was always under the impression myself, that the purpose of these forums was for us owners to share our setups and compare. Regardless of choice of medium. Whether C.D., Cassette, Blueray, D.V.D. Lps. Tube. Solid state or whatever. With the hopes of helping each other and at least comparing our findings and discussing our opinions. As we are all entitled to our own opinions.

To which I have learned a lot from this site in my few years of participation. How to make my own panels and treat my room proper setup and a whole lot more. This forum has all kinds of different info scientific or not.

Thank you to all that have helped along my journey