I haven't been around in awhile as life is busy and I do have other hobbies such as brewing my own craft brew and enjoying my kids sports and other activities. Anyway, I used to frequent this site nightly for years and years, trying to help those asking various types of questions on Audio/Video topics. I still love my Axioms and my family and kids now older frequently have lots of friends over for movie night, pool, and fire around the pit.

I would call myself an Axiom faithful, and hopefully I am not one you call a heretic bully or one who mocks those who ask questions.

However, since I am the one that started the thread "What are you listening to tonight" which you mocked, and for the fact I'm in 3rd place for total posts behind Ken and Peter, which really means nothing to me other than I've spent a lot of time trying to help people, you seem to throwing me in your soup bowl of bullshit.

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