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A claque of flaks! There is still a spark of life in this website. KILL IT! MUST TO DIE!! Rouse yourselves to assure we hear nothing more than Happy Birthday fellow claquer! You've made this site your own and you have silenced it.


Yes, Cohesion, Axiom makes fine speakers but no interconnects or tube amps. Yet, there were those who reported that some Axiom speakers sound really wonderful with tube amplification, or that a variety of speaker wire seems to make the music from Axiom speakers sound even better.

Yes, this could have been a site where a thousand flowers were permitted to bloom. This would have been good for Axiom. Maybe more people would have bought M3s or M2s to try with an inexpensive tube amp in search of the music magic.

Instead, we have a dark, empty and silent site where the faithful lie in wait for a non-conforming audio opinion and then ... chase it away.

Actually it does appear that the mere hint of a discussion of tube amps and esoteric wire has brought on a good trail of posts! Perhaps we'll yet see a flame war erupt! Would that make you happy 2x6?

I guess not. Seriously though, do you want to hear a discussion about how Axiom or some other speakers sound like with tube amps and esoteric wire? Is that the only thing that would get you more interested in participating in this forum?