Nick, welcome. Your proposed list of components is excellent with one clear exception: the Pioneer VSX-42 wouldn't be suited to your use. Justifiably you're satisfied with your Rotel 1095 and plan to continue with it. It has more than enough maximum power output for any reasonable use with the speakers you're getting. The problem is that the VSX-42 doesn't have the pre-outs to feed it voltage.

A receiver with pre-outs should be chosen and my suggestion would be to also select a receiver with Audyssey auto-calibration and room correction systems. While some manufacturers include their proprietary systems for this(e.g., Pioneer MCACC and Yamaha YPAO), it's notable that manufacturers such as Denon, Integra, Marantz, NAD and Onkyo have selected Audyssey in preference to their own proprietary technology. An important factor is the lack of specific correction to the sub channel(possibly needing it the most)in MCACC, but which Audyssey performs. My suggestion would be one of the Denon or Onkyo units. If you were buying in the U.S. I'd pick the factory refurbished Onkyo 709 for about $450 from Accessories4less, but unfortunately they can't ship to Canada. A suitable Denon or Onkyo unit would be available in Canada, but at a substantially higher price.

One comment you made is a bit puzzling, i.e., that later you'd "like to add more power amps". There appears to be no good purpose to this since your 1095 is more than sufficient for your 5.1 setup, and if you're considering back surrounds in addition to your QS8 sides, or front height/width speakers, whatever full-featured new receiver you get would be able to drive them without difficulty.

Enjoy the music, not the equipment.