I've been a bigger fan of the Pioneers and MCACC than most around here. I had a Pioneer Elite and got used to it first. Then decided to upgrade to a Denon3312ci. I've never got the sound the way I like it using Audyssey. Audyssey is not as tweakable as MCACC. If you've grown used to having an equalizer, MCACC might be the better way to go. They both have an equalizer that you can tweak manually. The difference is with Audyssey, you have to turn the benefits of Audyssey off before you can use the manually adjustable EQ, with MCACC, you can leave the MCACC turned on and adjust away. All a matter of preference, of course. I seemed to have more runaway bass with the Pioneer creating bass heavy spots near the corners of the room. I have a Pioneer SC-67 on a delivery truck headed my way. I'll have it by the end of next week. Then I can a/b test the Denon vs Pioneer all I want. It might even surprise me an find I like the Denon better. Won't know until a couple of weeks from now.