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Very sound logic tom. That makes sense.

if vertical isn't a problem, you feel a M80 > M22 > a vp160 or vp180?

Glad to see the center is being considered carefully - I think I may have opened a can of worms with all the options being discussed - sorry about that! blush

However IMO, the vertical M80 would be the best center channel matched with M80's L&R. 3 identical speakers across the front is the ideal situation. However once you go beyond that I think it becomes shades of grey and only listening in your environment can tell you what would be best. To summarise:

M80 center - PRO - best sound option, CON - worst WAF

VP180 - PRO - simply a horizontal M80, CON - horizontal array

VP160 - PRO & CON - blurs the line a little between horizontal and vertical arrays

M22 - PRO - vertical array, CON - can't carry as much lower frequency, not sure of sheer output capability as compared to VP180 or 160

dual M22's - I am out of my depth there and have no opinion, although I am intrigued
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