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You have quite the assortment of Axioms. How are they setup?

1st system
Pioneer Elite VSX33 & Emotiva XPA5 & Emotiva UPA2
2xM80 & 1xVP180 & 4xQS8 & PSB 12" sub

Pictures, which are slightly outdated.. I replaced the projector with a 60" plasma.

slightly outdated pictures

2nd system
Pioneer Elite VSX32
Zone A: 2xM60
Zone B: 2x Outdoor speakers

3rd system
Yamaha HTR-5960
Zone A: 2xM22ti & 8" Energy sub(computer room)
Zone B: 2xAxiom AX1.5 (GYM) they look like the newer M3

outdated pics (before I gave my office a makeover).. I have a stone wall and wall cabinets now and a new paint too.

VP150 is on a shelf and eating dust

I have a fourth system not worth mentioning.

Outdated pics of bedroom (with M60). The M60 are now in the living room on the 1st floor.

outdated bedroom pics

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Emotiva XPA5,UPA2. Pio VSX33 & VSX32