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Good call on going for another calibration. That's awesome it's sounding better. So with Audyssey, you get to do the calibration from 6 different listening positions? That's pretty incredible. I only saw my dad do it from 1 listening position through MCACC on his Pioneer Elite.

I've just been reading some more about subwoofers...lol I just can't help myself. I like something that quakes hard.

What is everyone's opinion on Submersive? I just stumbled across them. I'm reading a good handful of people have went from SVS to submersive, but no one really goes from submersive to SVS.

MCACC will also allow you to do a multi-point calibration. I haven't tried it yet because I always sit in the same spot but the option is there.

Not the same thing. Audyssey does 6-8 positions for the same seating position. MCACC does 1 position for up to 6 seating positions.

Not sure exactly but you mean but with MCACC multi-point you move the microphone to different seating positions during the calibration.