ok thanks, I figured as much. It felt silly asking but I had to ask.

I'm "thinking" of replacing my Rotel RMB-1095.

It's having issues and I learned a little more history about it, I don't feel comfortable hooking up all this nice new equipment to it.

This is the on going problem with the amp(I've just become aware of it).

The front right channel intermittently starts to lose volume. Like all of a sudden, over the course of a cd for example, I'll suddenly become aware that the left channel sounds quite a bit louder then the right channel. I noticed this last week. When I turn it down to "just above audible" on the left channel(using the balance on the receiver) and set the balance to the right, you can hear absoulutely nothing. The left channel is definitely quieter. It doesn't happen all the time though. It's very odd.

My dad has never told me about this before, but apparently it was an on going problem. He said he thought it was his receiver, so he hooked up the Rotel to other receivers for a period of time. Same problem started to creep it's way back.

He brought it down to a local repair guy)just a little hole in the wall electronics place with a good reputation) and he can't make heads or tails of it from the sounds of it. The second time it was brought in, he took out some of the safety features of the amp, thinking there was something going wrong there. I don't know the exact specifics and this all new news to me.

If it was me who was fixing peoples expensive equipment and I can't figure it out...wouldn't it make sense to contact the manufacturer for suggestions? Apparently my dad phoned Rotels technical line, but they couldn't really help without sending it away.

So now that I know the safety features of the amp may be possible compromised, plus the added fact that I'm getting weird volume fluctuations...I don't know if I feel comfortable hooking up equipment to it anymore.

Would it be worth it to pay for all the shipping and costs associated with and send it to Rotel for repair? Or should I put it in storage and buy an Emotiva XPA-3?
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