This site is important to Axiom. It presents an opportunity for those who have and love their Axiom speakers to discuss various audio topics with folks who have not yet decided to buy Axiom's wonderful audio products.

Over the years, a claque of opinionated, narrow minded people have made this site their own. They have established a permitted set of audio beliefs. Anyone who has posted about speaker wire, interconnects, power cords, tube amplifiers has been met with a chorus of jeers and catcalls. Whether or not they are correct in their opinions about cabling and tube amps, their hostile responses to people who posted differing opinions on these matters has succeeded in shutting down all open conversations. Clearly, there are many audio enthusiasts who believe cabling makes a difference to sound quality and those who believe that some tube amplifiers or preamps offer a special and desirable quality to music reproduction. Yet, anyone who presented a differing opinion was mocked.

So, the faithful have succeeded in chasing away all the heretics. They have shut down all interesting discussions about audio matters. This site is reduced to "What music did you listen to last night," and "Happy Birthday ..." Very sad.

The faithful who have chased away those who disagree have reduced this site to silence. This state of affairs is bad for Axiom. As you know, Axiom products are the target of internet snipers and trolls on other sites. This site could have been a forum where those who own and enjoy their Axioms could speak out for them. Instead, you who know who you are, those of you who know-it-all, and who brook no dissenting opinions from your beliefs as to what is settled audio science, have killed this site. You have not done Axiom any favors.

Shame on you.

Just thought I'd state the obvious.

How are you doing pmbuko?

Enjoy the Music. Trust your ears. Laugh at Folks Who Claim to Know it All.