Over the past year we have completely rebuilt the AxiomAir operating system. In order to get the update to this new software a one-time major update or your AxiomAir is required.

New Features :
• Spotify Support
• Bluetooth Support (requires USB 4.0 Dongle)
• New multi-room implementation
• New software update system (faster updates)
• Improved Network connectivity when using repeaters

Upgrade requirements :

In order to complete this update, you will need a USB Flash Drive formatted in FAT32 with a minimum of 2GB of available space. Note: FAT32 is the standard format for USB Flash Drives at or below 32Gb. We recommend avoiding Flash Drives larger than 32Gb as formatting them in FAT32 might require partitioning which is a more complicated process.

During this process, you will be asked to reset your AxiomAir’s settings to the new factory defaults by erasing all user data. This step is required as the new version of the Air’s operating system is incompatible with the older version’s settings.

Warning: During this process, your AxiomAir will play a quality control message. This message will be VERY LOUD. Do not be alarmed, this is expected and will only happen once.

Upgrade procedure :

1. Download the upgrade package from https://s3.amazonaws.com/axiom-air-install-files/AxiomAirV1/AxiomAirV1-USB-Update-V2.08.zip
2. Extract the 2 files (axiomair.fir and stage2.pack) into the root of your flash drive (do not store them in any subfolder)
3. Power down your AxiomAir
4. Remove all USB attachments from the AxiomAir.
5. Plug the USB Flash drive containing the upgrade files into the AxiomAir
6. Plug your AxiomAir into your router with an Ethernet cable
7. Power up the AxiomAir
8. Wait for at least 10 minutes (during this process, the AxiomAir will restart on its own twice. You may hear it play the startup chimes twice but not necessarily. They may play just once)
9. After 10 minutes, connect to your AxiomAir’s UI, click the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen and choose “System”. Your system version should now be 2.08 (Note: the AxiomAir will open as normal from the Android or Apple App, from a PC when you double click on the AxiomAir from File Explorer / Network / Media Devices you will need to copy the IP address into a browser to access the AxiomAir this one time)
10. If you have confirmed that you are running version 2.08, remove the USB Flash Drive from your AxiomAir.
11. Click the “Delete User Data” button and choose “Yes” to reboot.
12. Wait at least 10 minutes (you will hear the “Quality Control Passed” message at least once. It may be followed by the startup chimes but they might be a little too faint to hear)
13. Plug the other USB attachments back in (if you would like Bluetooth also plug in a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle)
14. Reboot your AxiomAir
15. Connect to your AxiomAir UI again, click on the gear, then Network. Part way down the page you will see your home network listed, click Connect beside your home network (if you have a 5g and a regular option, pick the regular one), enter your Network password, then click Connect beside the password.
16. Unplug the Ethernet cable and reboot your AxiomAir
17. Connect to the AxiomAir UI again, click the gear in the upper right, then System, then at the bottom of the page click Check Updates. After the Update is complete you will be prompted to reboot your AxiomAir one more time
18. Your upgrade is complete and your AxiomAir is on its new factory settings with the latest version

Ian Colquhoun
President & Chief Engineer