I also need some way to tame the reflections off the glass in pictures #2 and #3 as well as eliminate light intrusion. Not sure if curtains would be enough for either job?

I have been surprised by the light and acoustic control that good curtains plus "blackout" curtains provide. My room was very bright and I knocked it down dramatically with this simple addition. It also helped the reflections (audio) as it is a heavy drape that is non-rigid and non-uniform (pleats, etc). My plan is next to cover every doorway so that for "Daddy's happy time" I pull all the curtains closed and block the light and trap the sound. When the room must be seen by non-me’s, then we open the curtains and reveal the windows and doors. Not cheap, but not ridiculously expensive. You can do your patio doors, for example, for the price of some Transparent Audio Speaker Cable! Oh, and plan to go wider than the window by a good 12" on each side with the top curtain so you don't get any light. The blackout curtain also comes with Velcro on the edges to make it tightly grasp the inside of the window frame. Very effective.
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