Well I just got back from Germany and Afghanistan and got my “real” carpet laid down. What a huge difference it makes having a “wall-to-wall” carpet in front of my seating rather than the half-a$$ed marine grade crap I had left over from my apartment. With the projector off the room is not totally black. I’ve already run into the wall twice because I can’t see a thing. While both projectors, especially the AE7000, light of the room like search lights, moving my seating forward a little has cut down a lot on the reflected light intruding on my peripheral vision. It’s still not like my apartment where the screen just hung in blackness but it’s getting closer. The only thing I can do from here to improve the darkness is to start using telescope flocking. I’m going to try it out on my M80s first since they reflect the most light, being closest to the screen. If that helps significantly I will also use it on the ceiling and the upper walls.

Other than that all I have to finish is painting the trim. It’s only going on 3 years since I moved in and I still haven’t motivated myself to do it. I’m hoping that relatives from Illinois visiting in January will give me the incentive to get it done.
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