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Yeah, I'd like to hear from any 103 owners out there about HDMI dropouts or slow load times.

I don't have a big TV and I'm no videophile, so really the only reason for me to do a 103 would be the fact it plays DVD-A as well as SACD.

For my one DVD-A.

Which I never listen to.

Hmm. Maybe I need to rethink my priorities. $100 for the Sony, you say?

Ken I just test out the Sony with both DVD-A and HDCD disks and it played all of them normally as far as I could tell.

The specs on the Sony say it does not support HDCD decoding and I can’t guarantee that the HDCD disks I tried aren’t dual HDCD/CD encoded but it played all 10 of them I tried just fine with no difference as far as I could tell from how the Oppo DVD player sounded with the few I tried with it also.

The DVD-A disks I played also played normally both in Dolby 5.1 and DTS 5.1 when both options were available. I made sure to check that the receiver was getting 5.1 input by switching to Pure/Direct and also checking the display to see what it said it was receiving.

I can’t be sure you’re disk(s) will play but none of mine had any problems.

I hope that helps.

Also when I picked mine up at Best Buy I specifically asked if I could return it if it had a problem playing my recorded disks and the guy said if I bring it back within 30 days they will pretty much take it back as long as it’s not in two or more pieces.

P.S. If you didn't catch it I previously tested my SACDs and they all played normally including multi-channel.

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