Thanks for the feedback. I see lurkers reading some threads late at night and wonder if they are getting anything out of them.

Which of the three will be the most benefit you depends on the size and layout of your room and what your source material will mainly be, 5.1, 7.1 etc... .

What are your room's dimensions and were is your seating in relation to the screen and the side and rear walls, and how wide is your screen. Also, I'm assuming your planning to use one of your M3 pairs for this or are you going to be getting any of the QS speakers?

IMO if you can lay out your speakers properly you will likely notice the biggest difference using wide speakers. The side surrounds can be moved back a little to simulate rear speakers using the phantom effect. The highs though nice don’t come into play as much as the wides and are also better suited as QS style speakers unless you can place them pretty far away and on the front wall in which case direct radiating speakers like the M3 should also work fine.

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