I heard that they fixed the load times in the OPPO 103. I'll probably buy a 103, but I agree with you that there are comparable products out there for 1/2 the price, or less.

I've had many problems with my OPPO 93 that I've never had with a cheaper brand. Other than transport problems between 6 to 12 months with them. So far, no transport problems with the OPPO, other than having to wait an unusually long time to get the tray open if I don't hit the eject button within 10 seconds of turning it on. This means I start a movie activity on my Harmony 1100, then run upstairs, open the closet door, try to find the eject button by feel because you can't see it.

Hmmm. Hopefully OPPO uses higher quality parts than the cheaper brands. There must be some reason to buy another OPPO.