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Finally, if they are so tight with their recycle bins, are they going to like 3 M80's plus who knows what sub-works you have, going off on Master and Commander? Just thinking, they may put you in the recycle bin.

Yeah Iím planning to pull the moving truck right up to the garage so they canít see me unloading the audio equipment. No reason to have them looking for something to complain about.

You are right about possible sound leakage to the outside. All these houses are wood frame stucco and pass sound easier than Iíd like. I figure the false wall for the screen will help control the sound going out the kitchen wall (another reason I might just go aheaad and enclose that whole end of the room. After that the only really bad sound leakage to the outside will be through the back wall and the part of the side wall with the arcadia door. Iím thinking about enclosing the patio and installing a Jacuzzi which should also help attenuate sound leaving that way. That should just leave the back wall. Not sure what to do with that if itís a problem. Might have to cover it with an assortment of acoustical treatments since I donít really want to build another false wall back there.

Might be a mute point if it isnít that loud outside. Who am I kidding, Master and Commander will be as loud as hell out there. Well at least thereís no WAF issues to work around.

Thanks for all the info on the curtains Zimm thatís really helpful. Iíve been hoping that some sort of curtain based solution would work since I want to be able to let the light in when I want it. For some beer the guys at the parachute shop at work will sew custom curtains for me so if I can get the bulk material I can get them made-to-order relatively cheap. Cheaper if I do the sewing on their machines myself.

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