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85K!! what's the catch? does Rosanne bar sunbathe next door?

You guys got me on what’s going on. It did sort of remind me of that episode of the X-Files where if your street light went out some monster from the HOA came and ate you. When my realtor and I first drove up we each looked up and down the street in opposite directions and then at each other and I said “that’s creepy.” the neighborhood looked like it was ready for a Marine Corps IG inspection. No clutter or visible cars but ours and every recycle bin including for the empty bank owned houses were out and positioned exactly the same relative to the curb. I’m talking Twilight Zone/Stepford Wives creepy.

First, don’t kid yourself, that is creepy sounding. Check the backyard for recent signs of digging... 6x3 holes would concern me. Also check for scratching on the inside of closet doors etc. Finally, if they are so tight with their recycle bins, are they going to like 3 M80's plus who knows what sub-works you have, going off on Master and Commander? Just thinking, they may put you in the recycle bin.

Hey Zimm, thanks for the info on the blackout curtains. Do you think the curtains could be set up to stop all the light intrusion or will they need some help.

I don't want to oversell it so let me be more exact. I found the light blocking at all points except the edges to be 100% - i.e., the material is effective. At the edges you have two problems - seems down the middle of the panels and window edges. The middle seem has Velcro and then is covered by the outer nice looking drape so it is very dark, but I could not say absolute dark. The side edges, once velcroed, are as dark as the middle. You do have to work to get all holes covered, but once you do that it is dark.

Here is the one trouble spot I have not fixed - the top. Because the whole rig hangs on a pole, it is about 2 inches from the window frame. That is good for doors etc, as you don't have to impede their utility when opened, but you do have to deal with light coming over the top as the top of the drape does not got to the wall. If I was planning ahead, I would have bought a blackout about 12" longer than needed. Then staple/sew velcro across the top (horizontally) at the height of the window frame. That way you just run your hand across the top and around the sides to seal out the light by making contact along 3 sides (assuming it drops to the floor like mine).

I have a curtain over another opening that has the "blackout" built into the curtain, and it is only about 50% as effective as the double setup I am describing with the separate blackout drape under the "pretty" (and also heavy) drapes. Bought the blackout at Bed Bath and Beyond so nothing exotic (about $50 per 4x8 cover, I think???). Good news is a place like that lets you bring it back if it is not dark enough! Big plus.
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