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That is going to be one awesome room Dean. The vaulted ceilings really open things up... I've thought about temporarily removing my front stage so I could move my 80's under the screen, and even consider a 3rd m80's for the center. Also, I could move my left/right m80 a bit closer and fit my 350's on the outside corners versus between the two. Or, maybe some day I'll get some SVS PC13 Ultra cylinders to fit in the corners..... ok come back to reality Randy. \:\(

When you mentioned in another thread that w/o our stage your M80s would fit under the screen that was the clincher for me to ditch the AT screen idea. I like the look the stage gives your setup but to have total freedom of placement for my front speakers I’ll forgo it.

One question, how far is your seating and how is the vertical viewing angle? The screen being to high was my only worry about this setup. If I go with one row of seats they will be about 14-15 feet back.

Also Randy, you are running your EP350s off the subwoofer out and not using stereo subwoofers correct? Just wondering as some time down the road I was thinking about trying stereo subwoofers.

I agree about the openness of the sound with the vaulted ceiling. The rooms in every other house I saw that had vaulted ceilings were very poorly shaped for HT/audio. I had held out 4 months looking for a rectangular room with a vaulted ceiling. That day I had given up and was going back to decide which of another model with a 12 x 16 x 8 master bedroom I would put a bid in on. Jami, my realtor said why don’t we at least go look at this one that came on the market 2 days ago since it’s the only floor plan in the development I hadn’t seen. It was love at first sight.

And the added coolness was that when the people had that house built they elected to have the bedroom through the double doors made into an office/den. So instead of a closet there’s a built in desk and shelves. Perfect for a media/computer room.

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