I got my first email from Axiom re: my LFR1100 Actives and accompanying ADA1500-5 amps. They're at the assembly and electronics stages, respectively.

Like several of you, I wasn't thinking I was quite ready to make the jump, but Ian came to me with a great offer, and I'm doing a lot of trading up to make it happen. I'm reducing from four EP800s to two, as well as removing the VP180 from my setup... along with trading up the original LFR1100s. I've always gotten my speakers in Boston Cherry, but this time I'm going for satin finish Rosewood. Oh, wow, and I didn't realize they went all real wood veneers. I guess it was fate.

I'm also getting four M3 in-ceiling speakers to go full Atmos whenever I get a new AV processor. I keep hoping Anthem will announce a new one.

And you read that right above, I'm trying my setup without a center channel. I've already taken the VP180 out of the chain, and I have to say that so far the phantom center seems to be working fine. I haven't tried sitting off to the side very far, so I'm not sure where it collapses.