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I only just allowed my Class A CDL with doubles, triples, hazmat, tanker, and passenger endorsements lapse, because I have not gotten behind the wheel of a tractor in 10 years and I did not feel competent as a licensed "deadbeat" anymore. But when I did drive, I do not recall it being a simple job that any "deadbeat" could perform. I suppose this term also applies to others who earn a living with their hands and bodies and it can't be performed "remotely" via Zoom?

Well, I suppose the term "deadbeat" is better than "racist", the usual go-to term leveled at anyone who has independent thought, not in alignment with the most current progressive talking point.

I also have five degrees. Liberal Arts and Science. I'm so confused....


However, despite your impressive credentials, you somewhat missed the point AND misread my comments. Nowhere did I ever accuse ALL truckers or anyone who worked with their hands as being deadbeats, in fact, I never even mentioned the word "truckers" at all. The focal point of my comments, The City of Ottawa, where all this started, due to road blockage, intimidation and overall inability of access, many thousands of people who live in and around the area of the blockade were unable to go to work, shop or eat resulting in a considerable number of retail, restaurant and business closures which has been going on for several days. It seemed many of those "freedom fighters"( which included some truckers)found that out as well with no restaurants open, burst into a homeless shelter demanding food from the operators which they reluctantly received. There have been several other similar incidents resulting in fines and arrests.

Add it all up, when many people were prevented from entering the area and food was selfishly absconded from those that actually needed it, anyone with half a brain would conclude that was an impingement on their rights and freedoms, wouldn't you?