Hi Adrian, JohnK, Micah and all,

The VP180 would be an excellent timbral match to the M60s, and, for that matter, to the M22s.

No, John, I didnt do any tests with the VP180 in a vertical orientation. Andrew Welker and Ian had a series of tests planned.

Micah, since I joined Axiom (2002), we have never had a competitor's speaker outscore an Axiom. There have been a couple, sometimes much more expensive, that received the "similarly good" ratings, and some that were fairly awful. I recall one, a smaller tower speaker in the same price range as Axiom's M60, and with a pretty piano-black finish, which when Ian did the blind test and the results were revealed, he remarked: "If I'd designed a speaker that bad, I'd go out into the woods and shoot myself!"

Alan Lofft,
Axiom Resident Expert (Retired)