A few more pictures...

I found one of the screen wall before sheetrock!

Here is the whole room with sheetrock. Got a few areas I need to touch up. Overall they did a decent job. I'm a little worried about the corners inside the dog house cracking with people going up and down the stairs. I'll see how it holds up. Worst case I install some of that stick on reclaimed wood and really make it look like the interior of a dog house...lol.

I don't know if you can notice, but I ended up notching the 2x8 joists and pushed the electrical conduit and plumbing flush to the ceiling. The ceilings are only 7' and I want to get the drop ceiling as tight as possible.

Still thinking about what I want to do with this sump. Again, I did not want to build a cabinet, as I wasn't sure what type of seating I was going to purchase. A cabinet might get in the way of any reclining function. I have a few ideas.

I would love to get a second row of seats on a riser, which would easily hide the pump. However, the room is not that long and the first row would be like 7' from the screen. It's doable, but I would have to install a smaller screen. I'd rather have less seating and a larger screen. So, I don't think this one is happening.

Another option is to build a small riser just to cover the pump only. Say 4-6" high, then put an old fashion popcorn cart or something on it. You won't see the riser from behind the seating anyway.

The last option (the one I am favoring), is to build an open back/side bookshelf (can't support any real weight with those metal studs). I have a lot of movie memorabilia that I would like to display anyway and should easily hide the sump. I could also build it around a horizontally configured EP600 smile.

Hmmm, actually. I wonder if I can just put a metal plate over the sump and put the EP600 right over it. Although I assume subs in corners are never good.